VA Disability Ratings For Prostate Cancer



In 1991, the US government established  the Agent Orange Act. This act determined that a positive association exists between exposure to herbicides and the subsequent development of a number of cancers or neoplasms, including adenocarcinoma of the prostate commonly known as prostate cancer.

Any veteran who served in Vietnam between January 9,1962 and May 5, 1975 and who subsequently developed prostate cancer is entitled to disability compensation, no matter when the disease appears. 

The VA (The Department of Veteran Affairs) has a compensation rating system which is based on the percentage of disability. To determine how much compensation is due, the VA has established a compensation system based on the disability rating schedule for prostate cancer. Below is a brief review of some of the key points.


Key Points For VA ( Department Of Veteran Affairs) Disability Ratings For Prostate Cancer

1. Upon the diagnosis of prostate cancer a rating of 100% is assigned.

2. The rating of 100% continues until 6 months have elapsed from the end of surgical, X-ray,   chemotherapy, or any other therapeutic procedure.

3. After the 6 months have elapsed, a mandatory VA examination takes place.

4. The rating going forward depends on the results of this exam.

5. If there has been no local recurrence or metastasis of the prostate tumor, the rate of residual payments will depend on the degree, if present, of either voiding dysfunction or renal dysfunction. 


More specific information about prostate cancer and the resulting VA disability rating can be found in sections 4.115a and 4.115b in Part 4 of the VA Schedule For Rating Disabilities. 

The website link to the schedule is:



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